To keep creative juices flowing, which is a job in itself, Brina tries to draw every day. A selection of those drawings make it to this online shop and some are transformed into surface designs. The rest are kept in a drawer for another day. Brina also collaborates with Michelle Galway to make creative, multi-media suspended art and mobiles for Annex Suspended Art. Paintings are always in progress and on the walls around the house, just waiting to be added to and every month a new project seems to pop up to keep her on her toes. For the past four years Brina has submitted a 20-page children’s story for Wapiti Music Festival, giving her some practice at writing and illustrating, something she wants to continue to explore. There are a few illustrated books in the works that will be finished at some point…when the time is right, perhaps. Graphic design comes in and out of her life in waves but it’s always fun to work on a logo or poster when the opportunity arises. A bi-annual lantern festival in Fernie forces Brina into 3D building, creating installations of light for the popular community event. In 2019, along with Raegan Etue, she started an after-school visual arts club with the best name ever The Abstract Lion Art Club, which has inspired her to start another project called The Proud Art Post. The Proud Art Post is a place to encourage kids to draw more and to gain confidence as young artists. A few young Fernie artists has found Brina and put her, happily, in the private art lesson world. Brina has completed 5 dumpster art projects over the years, to gain experience painting on a larger canvas and to contribute to the community’s public art. Getting involved is important and each project gives Brina a chance to meet creative people, push herself a little outside of her comfort zone and gain new experiences.

Brina enjoys walking in the forest, listening to the wind blow through the trees, feeling the sunshine on her face, drinking coffee in bed and eating a fresh, warm muffin. Her family is always pushing her to be better, work harder but to also find time to get outside, inhale that fresh air and enjoy the beauty of Fernie.

Annex Collections started in September 2018 to give Brina a place to showcase her paintings and illustrations and other creative works. If you’re interested in being showcased in our Annex Collections, contact us to start get more information.

Let’s celebrate art in multiple forms!