Turning Your Kid’s Drawings Into Art

I can’t stop coming up with new ideas! It’s a problem, but I consider it to be a good problem. My latest idea is called Collaborative Art and I’m doing it over at The Proud Art Post. It’s something I’m very proud of, actually, and I would love for it to grow and grow. The idea came from seeing my daughter’s drawings pile up around the house and my need to remember this phase in her life – of drawing snakes, fish, icorn animals (baticorn, unicorn, donkicorn, birdicorn etc). What I did was scan her drawings and turn them into art! I just spin it a little, add colour and turn the drawing into a story. Then I opened it up to other kids and now I have 11 kids sending in their drawings and I’ve raised $100 to run a free arts program for kids in the Elk Valley. It’s only been a few weeks! Seeing these kids so excited to draw makes my heart smile. I love showing these creative kids the possibilities of their drawings. Here are some examples of the work I’ve been doing. The best part is, I can have any of the Collaborative Art printed on mugs, clothes, bags, phone cases and more!

It’s free to join, just send over your kids drawings (kids aged 2 to 14) and I’ll work my magic. Head to www.proudartpost.com for more information and to see more of the amazing kid’s art.