A Real Life Illustrator

I got a job! This job makes me feel like a real life illustrator, and it’s a feeling I’m enjoying immensely. When I heard about this contract I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it, maybe I’d get bored of it but it turns out I really like drawing physics diagrams. The job goes something like this: I get a sketch or an idea for a physics problem and then I have to draw a picture to help students understand the problem. It’s a bit technical, because it needs to be precise, but it’s also really creative. I am loving the job, in fact, and I’ll be really sad when the contract is over.

As a real life illustrator, I am amazed at all the different jobs I can do and have been approached to do in the past few years. A short list of recent work: physics diagrams, illustrated property maps, icon design, infographics design, logo design, bathtub art, family animal spirit portrait, art print design, mural design, report graphics and graphic novel art.

Life as an illustrator and all the creative jobs that come my way. Brina Schenk art, physics diagrams, illustrated maps and more artistic work.